Risk Aversion Measure


DIRECTIONS:  Below are several statements with which you may agree or disagree.  Using the 1-5 scale below, indicate your agreement with each item by placing the appropriate number on the line preceding that item.

5=Strongly agree




1=Strongly disagree


1)      I am not willing to take risks when choosing a job or a company to work for.


2)      I prefer a low risk/high security job with a steady salary over a job that offers high risks and high rewards.


3)      I prefer to remain on a job that has problems that I know about rather than take the risks of working at a new job that has unknown problems even if the new job offers greater rewards.


4)      I view risk of a job as a situation to be avoided at all costs.


5)      I like (or would like) to play the lottery. (-)


6)      I always play it safe, even if it means occasionally losing out on a good opportunity.


7)      I am a cautious person who generally avoids risks.


8)      I generally hold out for the best price on something, even if it means waiting a long time.





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