Judge, T. A., Boudreau, J. W., & Bretz, R. D. (1994). Job and life attitudes of male executives. Journal of Applied Psychology, 79, 767-782.


INSTRUCTIONS: Indicate the extent to which each of the items below produces stress at work for you:

1=produces no stress

2=produces little stress

3=produces some stress

4=produces quite a bit of stress

5=produces a great deal of stress


1.                _____         The number of projects and/or assignments I have.

2.                _____         The amount of time I spend at work.

3.                _____         The amount of time I spend in meetings.

4.                _____         The number of phone calls and office visits I have during the day.

5.                _____         The degree to which politics rather than performance affects

                                       organizational decisions.

6.                _____         The inability to clearly understand what is expected of me on the job.

7.                _____         The volume of work that must be accomplished in the allotted time.

8.                _____         The extent to which my position presents me with conflicting demands.

9.                _____         The amount of red tape I need to go through to get my job done.

10.              _____         The time pressures I experience.

11.              _____         The lack of job security I have.

12.              _____         The amount of responsibility I have.

13.              _____         The scope of responsibilities my position entails.

14.              _____         The degree to which my career seems "stalled."

15.              _____         The opportunities for career development I have had.

16.              _____         The amount of traveling I must do.